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    Reclaim your health through H.E.A.L.

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    Reclaiming yourself, your health and your wellbeing

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Powerful Healing – 7 Weeks Programme

Reclaim your health through H.E.A.L.

Healing Coaching Programme

Reclaiming yourself, your health and your wellbeing through C.A.L.M.

Family Healing Transformation

Reclaiming your happiness in a happy family through K.I.N.D.

The Importance of Healing

TED Talk by Lena Cohen



Nobody should be left alone with their pain. We provide and promote healing with an objective and diagnostic approach.


With your help we will be able to provide Healing to those people who need it. We will conduct scientific research establishing Healing as a recognised complementary therapy to the traditional medicine.


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Here are some testimonials from very satisfied clients.*

* These testimonials are based on one person’s experience. This does not guarantee that others will benefit equally.

"Ann is a very gifted emphatic and genuine healer and has much to offer to society not just individually but collectively. With this I would like to point out she has spent a number of years gaining the insights, the knowledge, the research and much more in assisting her in what is becoming a highly credited and much needed global integrative medical institution cartel. In the very near future I will be greatly honoured to be working in sponsorship alongside the relief from pain charity as a soon to be sister charity project social transitions of which I am sure will greatly benefit my charity’s vision. I recommend anyone and everyone who is involved in the greater vision of alternative medicine to assist Ann within the futherment of hers and many others’ vision. With strong links in the documented trial and research arenas of biofield energy and her dedicated consistent persona she is without a doubt a true driving force of great potential global medicinal change.
Paul McDonaldMaidenhead, Berkshire
"Despite having had some previous experience of Reiki some 10 years ago, when I set off for my first session with Ann, I can't say that I didn't have some doubts about whether I would feel any benefits. After the first session however, all my doubts were dispelled. I walked out feeling so much better, physical pains alleviated, holding my head up high and feeling like my heart was open for the first time in a long time. I had another 5 sessions with Ann and I could feel the benefits with every single one. She has helped alleviate my pain, both physical and emotional, leaving me feeling much more balanced and ready to enjoy life. Ann is an amazing healer and a lovely lady, with a great personality and sense of humour, and I can certainly recommend her work."
JoanaReading, Berkshire
When I met Ann for the first time I was a walking corpse, a zombie, 5 failed relationships, 3 miscarriages, my 3 babies born asleep, my chance of having a family dead as well? My business was suffering badly. Everything was like on hold, like it was out there instead of in here. Although I am a trained healer myself, I still had my doubts about how Ann's healing would help me. We healers can look after ourselves? right? The benefits of the very first session were tremendous. It felt like I had been on a very long holiday, I was totally rested and felt happy, really happy and vibrant for the first time in a long time. I was a different person when I walked out of Ann's Healing room, I was glowing, felt awake. We had a few more sessions with similar results. This renewed energy helped me cope with a lot of personal and business challenges in the weeks afterwards. And now, a new man in my life, business is very much back on track. and maybe a family next, I feel so happy. Ann saved my life! I can't recommend her highly enough.
NadeenProperty Developer, London


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