Healing Coaching Programme

People I work with

  • I have worked with 1,000’s of clients in a professional and volunteer capacity so far, privately and in healing clinics.
  • People come to me mainly for stress related issues, pressure from demanding public careers.
  • People with high profile professional careers, like solicitors, executive directors, company presidents and business owners.
  • People come for healing for mental and physical challenges like addictions, obesity, depression.
  • People also want help dealing with major life changing events like grief, terminal illnesses, the chronic, physical and emotional pain that many of these circumstances bring with them.

Feedback on the breakthroughs people had

  • It is amazing that we suffer less physical pain, recover faster after operations and need to take less pain killers. We heal our body.
  • It is amazing that we feel this energetic support to get us through our long working days, corporate pressure, and travelling. We heal our body and our busy mind
  • It is amazing that we reclaim the courage to accept our situations and start living again, creating and learning. We heal our mind.
  • It is amazing that we get more clarity, relief from mental illness, as we find our inner peace. We heal our mind and spirit.
  • It is amazing that we as the family of murder victims are able to deal with our intense grief so effectively, we become the ones that other people depend on as we find this remarkable strength in us supported by healing. How powerful healing is.

Healing heals our whole life and the life of others

When healing the health of our body, our mind, and our life through this powerful healing process, we achieve inner balance and beauty:

I can’t say it in a more beautiful way than what one of my clients said about Healing:

‘With healing, you can transform all the pain in your life without masking it by taking pills or reliving it in every session like when you are in therapy.’ 

Such a powerful compliment!

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