Highly Intuitive and Emotive Healer, with natural abilities from birth with a passion for excellence and client’s success.

  • NHS approved accreditation
  • Aura Energy Tuning Expert
  • Chakra Balancing Specialist
  • BioEnergy and Pranic Healing Professional
  • Intuitive Mentor and Visionary
  • Accredited Hypnotherapist
  • Past Life Regression and Future Live Progression Therapist
  • Family Constellations Energy Healer
  • THE Transformation Technique Practitioner

My name is Ann Boone and  I guess you are reading this because you want to learn about reclaiming your health, finding effective ways to deal with a major life changing events impacting on your personal life while managing a demanding career. That is what I do, so welcome, it is a pleasure, you have come to the right place!

I wrote this little bio for more than one reason.  Firstly I wanted to document my journey from a stressful chaos to a balanced life for my own sake. It is easy to forget sometimes where you started and how far you have come and  just focus on all the stuff you still want to achieve. I love to celebrate success.

Secondly and a more important reason is: I look forward working with people I feel I know personally and I will want to stay in touch with via e-mail in the future. There is nothing worse than a stranger hitting your inbox. I bet you are getting e-mails from people all the time and you don’t know them.  Let’s fix that right now.

Information alone won’t help you reclaim your health and balance in life and business. Why? There is far too much of it out there. So, besides getting information, and knowing what to do with it, you need to make sure to get that information from a reliable source and from someone who has a proven track record!

In other words: Someone You Trust!

WE ARE WHO WE ARE because of those significant others we defined ourselves through. It is a very generic statement, I know, but when you come to think of it, it is so true! Let’s start with me expressing a deep and genuine gratitude to acknowledge my family, friends and teachers for making me the Healer I am today.

The most important influence on my life as a Healer has been from my family and probably most of all, my mother. Throughout my entire life she has always been there, always supported me. She has been a living example of what Healing is fundamentally all about: giving unconditionally, loving unconditionally, and showing this through kindness and care.

One of my clients in Brussels mentioned it to me when he picked up on my mum’s softness, and care as she walked through the door. He had just lost his own mother and my mum gave him a big hug when she came to pick me up from the healing appointment! Throughout the years, my mum also ‘adopted’ many of my friends. Living abroad can be tough at times, you get homesick, lonely or sometimes you just need to be with family on those special days.

Our door, her heart was always open. Open your heart to let Healing through.

Born in Belgium near Antwerp, I arrived in the UK in the early 90’s to join my late husband. It was an exciting time, loads of job opportunity, business, the fast life, the fast pace. And there were also bad times, people passed, people moved on, the world plunged into economic downturn and I was made redundant from my sales job about 15 years ago.

One my colleague’s friends invited me to come and join her for this Reiki weekend with free lunch! I had heard about working with energy from the martial arts I used to practise. In China I participated in Qi Gong and TaiQi sessions, as well as Buddhist prayer ceremonies, and the martial art teachers and Buddhist Monks always said, you need to learn to master your Qi. ‘You are very powerful, controlling your mind and energy will give you great opportunities to serve people.’ So it was an exciting opportunity to learn more on how energy works.

How does it work: by passing my hands over the body, I can identify physical and emotional energy blockages. Then I work to re-balance the body’s own natural energy frequencies, in order to bring back health and relieve negative symptoms. I believe that wellness and illness are set by energetic frequency relationships within us, which resonate more or less coherently. The task of healing is one of balancing those structural levels within the individual.

Wow, was I blown away: what came natural to me, was actually a very special gift. It was so revealing to understand how energy works, how you direct it and how it can benefit to heal and balance others. It felt like I finally found what I was looking for in life. It all made sense, travelling, meditating, my intuitive sense.  In the next 15 years, I continued my journey of learning, teaching and practising many forms of healing.

There were so many incredible people and teachers I met on the way, some people stay, some people give you what you need in the moment. I set up my private practice and continue to volunteer and promote healing to benefit your health and well-being.

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