Here at Relief from Pain, one of our goals is to close the wide gap that currently exists between healing and medicine in the eyes of many.

While we fully believe in the power of healing, we understand that healing is not widely accepted because a gap is perceived between healing and medicine.

Our Goal: To Educate the World About Healing

Unfortunately, the world is full of ill, suffering people.

Relief from Pain, as a charity organization, attempts to reach out to as many people as possible to better the quality of their lives with the healing process.

Not only can healing aid people who suffer from chronic illness and chronic pain, but it can also help people who suffer from high levels of stress. No matter the source of the struggling, healing can help people get through their daily lives.

Despite the many benefits of healing, many people have yet to see these benefits because it’s not readily accepted in the world of medicine. We’re looking to change that.

Our goal is to educate the world about healing. Why? Easy. Because it will enable us to reach more people who desperately need the help. We have seen the power of healing firsthand. And we want everyone else to experience its power too.

The Problem: A Lack of Information

The main obstacle that is preventing the widespread acceptance of healing is a lack of information.

Due to the lack of concrete, scientific information, many doctors often hesitate to share information about healing with their patients. And so, many patients aren’t even aware of the existence of healing as a solution to their illness.

Not only do doctors fail to disseminate information relating to healing, but go ahead and try to find a plethora of information online. You probably won’t.

Regardless of where you turn, there’s a huge lack of information. And that sad reality prohibits the widespread acceptance of healing.

Therefore, we aim to publish as much content about healing as possible for the world to see.

Hopefully, as we continue to grow and spread the world, we’ll be able to supply people with enough knowledge that it solves this problem. It’s our goal to eradicate this problem, both online and in the minds of the scientific community.

The Solution: Close the Gap Between Healing and Medicine

The solution to our problem that will help us reach our goal is simple, yet uniquely complex: close the gap between healing and medicine.

If we can get health practitioners to accept healing as a solution to diseases and illnesses, then more and more patients will turn to healing. And that’s exactly what we want to see!

There will also be more information online that patients will be able to access.

It’s a win-win solution to all of our problems. And that’s exciting. Because we know that – with your help – we can reach our goal.

The best way we can think to close the gap between healing and medicine? Discovering concrete, scientific evidence that supports the process of healing.

And so, we’ll both conduct and support the investigation and scientific research of the healing method. The more concrete evidence that is found supporting healing, the closer we are to spreading the wonders of healing to the entire world.

Will You Help Us Close the Gap?

As a charity organization, Relief from Pain wants to see all those suffering from illnesses and pain to be relieved. We believe that healing is a valuable support to chronic illnesses, pain and stress.

Unfortunately, the reality is that many people don’t see the value of healing because they see healing and medicine as separate rather than one. But the two aren’t at odds. In fact, we consider it to be a complementary practice that coincides with traditional medical treatments.

We’re excited about the future of the practice. And if you’re as excited as we are, don’t be afraid to get in touch and see how you can help support the cause!

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