New Paradigm in Holistic Health and Wellbeing

In the second decade of the 21st century we witness the deepest and fastest transformation in the history of humanity. This transformation is not without crises and difficulties, the birthpangs of a coming age. To meet the challenges we need … Read More

Closing the Gap Between Healing and Medicine

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Money Can’t Buy Happiness – But Giving Can

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How to Reduce Stress Caused by Your Job

Stress is a part of our fight-or-flight response. In ideal circumstances, we experience it for a short time, deal with the cause, and recover without a problem. It can even be a good thing from time to time… The stress … Read More

How to Transform Grief and Loss into Happiness and Love?

Last night we watched ‘Collateral Beauty’: blue skies, sunshine in springtime. That is my collateral beauty and still moves me to tears. Why? When you get the news…. The wheels of the world screech very very loudly in your mind … Read More