In the second decade of the 21st century we witness the deepest and fastest transformation in the history of humanity. This transformation is not without crises and difficulties, the birthpangs of a coming age. To meet the challenges we need new thinking. As Einstein said, we cannot solve the fundamental problems of our time with the same kind of thinking that produced them.

The Laszlo Institute welcomes experts from all over the world to share their findings on New Paradigms in 4 different fields of research. On July 12th the Institute welcomes renowned international speakers to comment on Holistic Health and Wellbeing. The new paradigm in medicine, with the development of PNEI (Psiconeuroendocrinoimmunology) and new developments in psychosomatic therapies is now opening up new horizons based on natural cures for mental and physical health

That is the reason Relief from Pain Charity is invited to share our views on new paradigms in holistic healthcare, make our healthcare systems sustainable for the future and, based on real preventative care, offer true wellbeing for a growing and ageing population. We will update the research community with our projects to proof the benefits of Healing and how this pilot can help save the NHS the 30 billion.

Why is Relief from Pain joining the Laszlo Institute’s conference?

We need to work together. Co-operation is the new competition.
– Ann Boone

Programs of research and courses, seminars and symposia dedicated to the new paradigm are to bring together leading-edge scientists, humanists and thought-leaders to develop and apply the paradigm in the pertinent fields of scientific, intellectual, economic and cultural interest. The participants are to include internationally renowned scientists and thinkers as well as creative young people whose work has not yet received wide public recognition.

Helping people evolve their consciousness to the planetary level and become effective and ethical leaders in our changing times is the mission of The Laszlo Institute Of New Paradigm Research.

Meet the hosts

ervin-lazlo.jpgProfessor Doctor Erwin Laszlo, Director of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 and 2005, commenting on Consciousness. Professor Lazslo wrote more than 50 books and 400 research papers and articles, his latest work in Healing Medicine is a new article titled ‘SACRED COW IN THE WAY – Why We Are Not Getting to Where We Want to Go‘. His latest book is ‘What Is Reality? The New Map of Cosmos and Consciousness‘ (Select Books, NY, 2016)


Joe-St ClairJoe St Clair: as managing director of the Laszlo Institute, Joe works closely with Professor Laszlo. He has over 3000 articles published and author of best-selling books like ‘100 tips for Total Life Fulfilment’. He is currently working on a new book called ‘EarthPulse’ aimed at analysing and solving the world’s problems including climate change, pollution, poverty, corporate corruption, deforestation and human rights…

Listen to his interview on Out Of This Worl Radio


Nitamo MontecuccoDr Nitamo Montecucco: ‘The Gaia Project: the new paradigm in Education for a new and global awareness’. Spectacular overview of the exceptional benefits of collective synchronization, measured by EEG coherence, between brains of people in pairs and in groups. From this research he has developed a new field of clinical application of psychosomatic PNEI in Medicine and Psychology. He is also director of the – Villa Demidoff – 55022 Bagni di Lucca, where the conference is talking place.


Watch this personal invite from Professor Erwin, we are so excited, and look forward to meet you there:

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