Family Healing Transformation

Family healing is an intense process, please contact me to book as availability is limited.

We can choose our friends, then we do not choose our family. Our family is for most of us the first place where we arrive: it needs to be a safe place, a happy place, a nurturing environment where we can grow and flourish. For many of us this is not (always) the case. Parents are too young or inexperienced, they cannot deal with the burden of a young family, the stress, the confinement. They have learnt behaviour from their parents, their teachers. How we relate to our family members can cause a great deal or anguish, stress. Where does it come from? Why is it sometimes so heart-breaking?


It seems especially painful when ancestors or family members have died or left the family at a young age or under unusual or difficult circumstances, such as accidents, suicides, wars, addictions, emigrations, incarcerations, adoptions. These or other traumas of separation cause painful patterns of exclusion to be frozen in time, trapped in the unconscious field of the family, and can become like magnets, which later generations may be drawn unconsciously to repeat. Current family members might find themselves doing things which make no sense in the context of their own lives, until they discover which earlier family member they’re “following.”

These inherited patterns create powerful unconscious compulsions. When you honour and restore the excluded ancestors or family members, however, you reestablish the integrity of the field, dissolving the trans-generational tendencies and liberating the living, their children and future generations. This work can be intense, oracular and profoundly healing and seems to restore aspects of the psyche closed to normal therapeutic methods.

When you want to discover and break those patterns, please contact me to book as availability is limited.

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